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Mesothelioma And Asbestos

Mesothelioma is a cancer in the lungs that have a relationship with exposure to asbestos. The prognosis for Glossary Link kankerKanker: Puru doubt or cancer or malignant neoplasm is a disease characterized by a typical cell cycle abnormalities that give rise to a cell's ability to: - grow out of control (cell division beyond the normal limits) - to attack biological tissues nearby. - Migrate to other body tissues through blood circulation or lymphatic system, called metastasis. This is not very good and most people who have it will die from it. They can obtain medicines to help reduce some of the pain, but this
is a slow way to death and this will really kill someone. About 75% of those with mesothelioma will die from it. In many cases, cancer is the direct cause of his death and for some others these cancers will lead to disease in their vital organs.

This type of cancer affects a variety of cells lining the lungs and the chest cavity. As a result, Glossary Link tumorTumor: Tumor (English: the tumor, tumor) is the name for a solid neoplasm or lesion formed by the growth of body cells that are not supposed to, which is similar to simtoma swollen. Tumors derived from the Latin word tumere which means "swelling". Growth can be classified as malignant (malignant) or benign (benign). tend to arise in these areas. They may not be cancerous, but for most people with this type of exposure to asbestos will be cancerous. The doctors began to see a significant increase in the number of cases in the 1970's. This relates to the increasing use of asbestos as a material for insulation in commercial and residential environments.

More men than women are diagnosed with mesothelioma, but this is considered as the results for those who are primarily in the construction business, and not women. Nevertheless, women have been exposed due to working in such an environment or living in homes with asbestos in it. However, it seems that they tend to be more resistant to fiber than men.

The number of cases of asbestos-related mesothelioma continue to fall since the 1980's. This is because asbestos is prohibited to be used for construction materials. But there are still places that are not found to have asbestos identified in the past. Asbestos removal process can result in exposure to it if not done correctly.

For some people, exposure to asbestos for many years will cause Mesothelioma. For others, it only takes very small amounts and short periods of time. It is a mystery to researchers, but researchers believe that has something to do with how the ability of a person's lung capacity to process fibers from asbestos. This is why most construction workers will do a search to determine the ability of her lung capacity before they start any renovation or demolition.

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